December 20, 2013
posted by admin @ 7:14 am

Project Maddie helps pet owners who are at risk of losing their pets due to sudden, short-term financial instability by collecting and distributing donated quality pet food. This offers temporary relief to those who might otherwise have to sign a beloved companion over to an animal shelter.

We also recognize that there are seniors and persons living with disabilities with pets whose needs are ongoing due to financial and mobility constraints. For these individuals their connection to their pets is vital to maintaining quality of life and provides significant health benefits.

Project Maddie is a non-profit organization and we are in the process of applying for Registered Charity status. We receive no government funding and rely entirely upon our supporters to make sure help is available whenever and wherever it’s needed.


What would you do if you had to choose between feeding your beloved pet and feeding yourself? How would you make that choice?

This is a decision hundreds of pet owners across the Greater Toronto Area are forced to make each and every month. Some of them are seniors, some of them are living with disabilities, and some of them have been impacted by the decline in the economy. The one thing they all have in common is the love and devotion they have for their companion animals.

Project Maddie’s aim is simple:

Keeping people and pets together